Racing Wants You to Win

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 4, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Racing Wants You to Win

It’s hard to believe that racing wants you to win every wager. But, that is the truth. Unlike many forms of gambling, gaming, or entertainment. They want you to win each and every time and come back the next day and do the same. I wonder if any other forms of betting feels the same?


Slots / VLT’s

Exciting to say the least, and can be played by a gambler who walks up and plunks down some money. This form of gambling is very attractive, and the jackpot excitement is worth the chase sometimes. New players have the same chance of winning as someone who plays daily. – The machines are taking in monies and payout random percentages. But, once your money is gone, the house has made the profit. They like for you to grind it out and play longer, but the goal is to take it down. The small payouts keep you going, but there is no way to estimate when the big payout will come. It is all set at random, and eventually gets your bankroll. They just give you rewards like tea pots, grill sets, and free tickets to the lounge. I’ll go to Dollar General and pick up some of these coveted items.


Bingo / Keno

Play a bunch of cards or numbers; complete random winning and you can bang away on the boxes of pull-tabs being sold in between games. Too random; like tossing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. All monies are profit, and just subtract the payouts for the lucky few. Not for this gambler.


Horse Racing

Now, before you formulate a thought. Remember, this form of gambling allows you to “do your homework” or handicap the race. You decide who looks best and wager. – No random numbers, and the best horse wins the race.

The track for example takes 18% from wagers. That is 18 cents from each dollar. Half goes to the purses for the horsemen, and half to the track to keep the lights on, salaries, upkeep, etc. – Horse racing wants you to win everyday, all night long. They are happy for you, and will hold the door open the next day when you arrive. It’s not a gimmick for the big score. They take a small percentage to keep the game afloat and your favorite seats clean, and clerks happy to take your wager.

I can already feel the bitching from the video poker players arguing it’s a game of skill. – But, when you lose your bankroll, you can pick up your free hamburger on the way out the door. – Racing does not have the big profit percentage for the facility, but it does offer a unique form of wagering. The facility now is an entertainment destination offering many forms of unique gaming. – Racing can be lucrative if the purses are boosted a bit, and we take more time educating the public on how to handicap. Long ago they opened the doors and people just came in. Over the years, the competition has gotten tough and the sport of kings has fallen from its throne. But, if we invest a little time bringing out some new jackpot wagers and keep it fresh. It may appeal to the slot players to come over and try their hand and vice-versa.

I’ve been a long time gambler. I love racing and the action that makes it one of a kind. Just because I’m not a fan of the mindless machines doesn’t make them wrong or bad. They create an action atmosphere for all to enjoy. – Keep an open mind about all forms of gambling as they appeal to players. It creates a vibrant exciting atmosphere as they enter a building offering a little something for everyone. At the end of the day, we all get some entertainment of our choice and make plans for our next trip back. That’s the overall goal.