Best Seat in the House

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 31, 2022 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Best Seat in the House

We all have our favorite jobs. You know, the ones when we pull into the parking lot and run in to start the day? Yeah, most of us have had them, and for the ones who haven’t, yours are on the way. – Me, I’ve had a helluva good time. The majority of my working life has been spent at the track. For a true lover of the sport, there could be no better place to clock in daily.

I started in the parking lot; made my way to managing the lot, and eventually made my way inside. – I worked in admissions, racebook manager, was on-air talent, and had multiple radio shows, ADW coordinator, and Racing Official. Away from the track, I have had the distinct pleasure of writing about this wonderful sport. – I’ve had the pleasure of working at Latonia (Turfway Park), River Downs ( Belterra Park), Keeneland, and Dueling Grounds (Kentucky Downs). All the while working my way through college just hoping for the big break in the game. Yeah, it’s been a great journey getting to do what you love. Sometimes we trade in the big bucks to do what we love. For me, that sums it up. – But, the best job I have had starts in exactly one month and will be my eighth year having more fun than the law allows.

Belterra Park kicks open on 4/28/22 and will race Tuesday – Friday until early October. – There will be 93 days of action-packed heart-pounding Thoroughbred racing action; and I get to call every race! – There will be stakes galore and the Best of Ohio series in May. There will be some incredible fields assembled and even a couple of long-run stakes to be revived (but I won’t spoil the surprise just yet).

I get to work about two hours early. I like to get the scratches and changes, begin the Twitter feed, and have a few focus runners who need a good hard look before going to the windows. The tip-sheet is complete, and my program is laid out for eight live races to be called. – This has been my favorite job in racing. I have the opportunity to watch riders and trainers coming up the ladder to go on to bigger tracks and others finishing out long careers in the sport we love.

As I polish my binoculars and watch the horses make their way to the paddock. A sense of calm comes over me. I am at peace. I’m where I want to be; enjoying the people, fans, and excitement. – Every year, someone will ask “ What is your favorite part of the day.” – Easy. That is the fans who knock on my window and we trade horses that look good. Or, the fans that want to stop up and watch a race from the best seat in the house. – For me, that is the best part and always will be. You get to share the excitement as I liken it to riding a roller coaster. It is much more fun with full seats sharing the journey.

So, until next month. Know this fan is counting the days until he can walk into the “Crows Nest” and enjoy the journey. – If you make it to the races, be sure and stop up. Friends are always welcome, and you are only a stranger once. Come up and enjoy a race from the best seat in the house. Betcha’ love it! – See you at the races…