Eve or Day?

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 30, 2022 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on Eve or Day?

I’ve had this on my mind the entire holiday season. – When it comes to getting your money in play; do you want to head to the races on New Year’s Eve, or start 2023 with a sparkling start with a big day at the windows? I guess I would have to summon the ghost of Charles Bukowski who was not only a hall-of-fame writer but a loyal racetrack aficionado who enjoyed plenty of libations while rooting for his ponies.

Without being able to contact Buk, I chose three of the best horse players I know. They love having the days off during the holiday parade and taking their shot at the windows.  I asked the question and then gave them two days to give me the answer to what they wanted to do with their day off.

Player #1 – Longtime bettor who mainly plays from home and tournament play. You could say he is well-versed in his craft and has qualified many times for the big dance in Las Vegas. – ” I would rather wrap up the year. Good or bad, the results are in for the year. I like the idea of starting off fresh when I get my chance to go back.” 

Player #2 – Almost a carbon copy of #1. – But he has scored on the big stage and won good monies in the contest arena. – “ I like to start off the New Year properly. Put the past where it belongs in the rearview and take my game to the next level. I like the idea of a ‘Hail Mary’ score on the final day, but it seldom makes the final numbers in the black.”

Player #3 – Now, this is going to sound like horse ca-ca. But this one is me. – I have worked in racing, played and won tournaments, and had some decent scores for an average Joe. I thought long and hard and came up with my best answer. – I don’t believe in magic powers or carrying a mojo. – Why not go to both? – Hit the final day, call it a winner, and swing into the next day on a roll. I’m not much of a four-leaf clover bettor, but why can’t we have it all?

After breaking up the data and speaking with players I respect. – I like the #3 answer the best. Take the winning day and start off 2023 swinging for the fences. I like that one, and it seems to fit my betting tastes. – Whatever you choose, know that Winning Ponies is on your side. We’re right here with the best in handicapping data and look forward to many winning days with you. – So, here’s to a big New Year filled with luck, happiness, and a bankroll that could fit on the back of an elephant. – Best of luck!