The Little Things

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 23, 2023 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on The Little Things

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On your way to your office, you see the beauty of watching horses train on the track as you hear the sounds of snorting colts being pulled up after a strong morning work. – You lean against the rail like you do every morning and you drink in the beauty of your surroundings. You could work in a huge building on Wall St. or look through the window watching humanity whirl past. But there is something about the sights and smells of walking past the race track in the morning. The workout riders exude the smell of sweat and leather as muscles gleam in the morning light. Then it hits you. There is no better way to start your morning. These little things are some of the greatest sights and smells in the world.


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You walk into the jock’s room and see young riders who speak little English nod and move quickly. They haven’t settled into finding themselves, but they are trying to find their place. They will. – The top rider walks in and you can feel the tension as thick as a morning fog. Young riders want to be them and the older riders heading back down the ladder were them for a long time. Then the oldest rider at the track strolls in slowly. Not because he has to; because he is the reason the young riders get up early and older riders still ply their trade. He is 68 years young and quietly weighs in and shakes a few hands. A man of few words and a face that shows every mile he has run. I’m greeted by a handshake and a little hug. – Perry Ouzts is a rare treasure. I’m never going to see this again in my lifetime and his record is one that stands the test of time and fortitude. On this day, he is 24 wins away from being the 5th all-time leading rider in the history of the sport of kings. Not something you see every day. Like watching Mickey Mantle take batting practice chasing his milestones…

I yack and laugh with the clerk of scales and silks man. We joke about the doings of the day and security guards chime in with a laugh and we share a light moment before starting the day. – We bid farewell and I make the walk into my office. Punch in the code and walk into the best office I have ever had.No photo description available.


Not a bad view as I begin my day. – Clean my binoculars and fire up the computer. A little music in the background and the day is underway. – In about an hour or so I’ll have the best seat in the house and get to do a job that I’d pay them to be here. Friends are always welcome to stop up and catch a race. It’s like taking friends on a roller coaster trip. Not much fun by yourself, and sharing the view with others makes the job that much sweeter. – I relish each race like a fine wine or a hand-rolled cigar. I treat every day like a gift because it truly should be cherished as one. – Yeah, the little things make all the difference in the world. Take a moment and get a good look around. You’ll be surprised at the beauty that surrounds you.