All I Want for Christmas

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 19, 2023 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on All I Want for Christmas

As we gather around the tree and sip eggnog and sing carols. We wish with that gleam in our eyes for wonderful gifts a plenty. Handicappers love a good day, and their skills are sharpened and ready to employ. As we give thanks and enjoy the holiday season. Here are a few things I would love to see under my tree for racing.


We wished for casino entities to buy in and be a part of the tracks which so needed help. I would love to see the original plan of investing in the sport and not treating horse racing as a dying sport so we can have hordes of people smacking buttons on the slot machines. – Why not invest even more in racing and make it an entertainment destination? – No more management going through the motions wishing racing would disappear. – Invest in the backside and create a sense of community. The hard-working men and women would be grateful and stay for as long as possible. – Don’t make the racing areas small and understaffed. Advertise on the huge signs inviting fans to enjoy the entire facility. We were 3 days from opening and the large illuminated sign said everything except when we opened for racing. This is not one track, but all that have racino, casino, or VLTs in place. – You wouldn’t have been here in the first place without the racing gaming license.

As for managers of the racino/casino. Get rid of most of them or change their mindset of thinking racing is a pain in their ass. – They walk around in suits and have no idea what is happening for a sport that has been going on since the 1800s. – Get them out, or give them an agenda of growth and planning for the future. These are tough words, but prove me wrong and I’ll move along. Some tracks invest in both, and they rake in profits with both hands. Racing is not an evil word, and we need to look at how this venture first began decades ago.

For the season of joy, I wish safety for horses and riders. I want to see safer track surfaces and a regimented plan for getting rid of the bad eggs and promoting the ones who play by the rules. Make plans to promote and advertise the sport as an entertainment destination. – Re-think some of the HISA rules. Not everyone is playing dirty, and for the ones that are. Get them out for good. There are too many men and women dedicated to caring for these majestic animals. Most treat the horses better than themselves. As a trainer once told me; “the horses eat before I do.”

I know these are big wishes, but that’s what wishing is for. – So many who care, and a handful of top brass that don’t, or just don’t have a clue. – Help them learn and watch the process. They are beautiful and majestic creatures that bring more excitement than the law allows. How many times have you heard a group of 50 fans gather around a slot machine rooting loudly as the wheel spins? Me neither.

Here’s to a Happy and Safe Christmas / Holiday Season. May the New Year bring tidings of hope and planning for the future. – I started as a racing fan long ago and don’t hate the slot machines. Just give racing a fair shake and see what happens. I bet you’ll come to fall back in love with the game we all enjoyed long ago.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Winning Ponies!