Holiday Shopping at the Track

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 13, 2016 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

Many men and women who use the old excuse of “going shopping” during the holiday season are usually allowed out of the house no questions asked. They usually have some extra cash in pocket and the day is all theirs. – Nothing like trying to build a little extra scratch as we close in on Christmas shopping. With over $11,059,216 in exotic wager payouts Winning Ponies looked right in my wheel house this past Saturday. I didn’t have much time to handicap as I was working, so I downloaded the E-Z Win Forms to guide my quest for cash. – Who says Santa doesn’t come early ?

I had a little nest egg of $360 burning a hole in my pocket. This was outside of my allotted money for Christmas and I was sure missing New York racing. – I decided to wager $20 to win and place on the top tier selection and let the chips fall where they may. Here is a little glimpse of my Saturday with the E-Z Win Forms.





Race #1 – The top selection ran 2nd and paid $3.80 = $38.00

Race #2 – The top selection won and paid $22.80 to win and $8.30 to place = $311.00

Race #3 – Ran 5th

Race #4 – Ran second and paid $5.20 = $52.00

Race #5 – Ran second and paid $5.40 = $54.00

Race #6 – Ran second and paid $5.10 = $51.00

Race #7 – Off the board

Race #8 – Finished fourth

Race #9 – The top selection won and paid $4.70 and $2.80 = $75.00


On the day I wagered $360, and I won $581 for a profit of $221.00 !


Now that’s not going to buy me a new mansion, but it did give me some extra spending money. Oh, and don’t forget that I still have my initial wagering bankroll to put into action when the mood strikes. – I have known good handicappers and bad bettors, and average handicappers and good players. But when you have a weapon at your disposal to handicap without worrying about keeping up on the game. You’re in good hands. – Winning Ponies follows all of your favorite ovals, and they’re always prepared even if you have short notice that you’re going to play. Just download the easy-to-read, color coded E-Z Win Forms and give yourself that advantage every good horse player keeps close to their vest. – I have a couple of Saturdays to work with that allows me time to get that bankroll popping as I know there will be quite a few nieces and nephews who’ll be looking for that money envelope. – Remember, you can’t win it unless you get in it, and Winning Ponies has you covered !