New Kid On The Block?

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 29, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, News | No Comments >>

It is no secret that Alan Garcia has picked up his game and moved it into the ranks of jockeys to watch.  This 22-year-old rider bagged 5 wins on the card last Saturday, and is dangerous on the lead and off the pace.

Garcia’s agent Tony Micallef may have gotten him into a bit of a quandary. He was supposed to ride Alaazo in the Pennsylvania Derby for Ahmed Zayat. But there is a fly in the ointment. Garcia is leading the Saratoga meet by three wins.

Now, for a young rider in New York to take down the Spa is a resume builder for future champs. Zayat wants him , but Micallef wants to seal the deal at the Spa. Tough call….. Micallef asked for $5,000 for the ride, and was granted the deal. Now he backs out, and the stewards aren’t happy. On Wednesday they said no, then on Thursday they had no decision… The old switcheroo.

If Garcia does not ride the Penn Derby, agent Micallef could be fined by the stewards in Philly and in New York. Kinda makes you think he is in a bad spot. Well, to tell the truth, the only one with the dunce hat is the agent Tony Micallef. He could be fined and moreover lose credibility with other owners about not keeping his word. Funny thing in this game. You are only as good as your word, and only as good as you finished in the standings last meet. I sure hope Alan Garcia wins the Saratoga meet, or he may want to start looking for a new agent.