Show Me The Money

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 11, 2008 in Educational Articles, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing | No Comments >>

I know, it sounds like Jerry McGuire. But there can be some truth to this magical line after all.

Here is a great day to spend at the track. You and a group of friends, colleagues, or just folks sitting at your table, are prepared to enjoy an afternoon at the races. Everybody is stoked, and has dreams of winning big… Well, you may not buy that house in the Hamptons, but you just might make off with a little bankroll. Here is the plan……

Everybody throws up $20 each. There are 5 people in your syndicate, and this is where the fun begins. You have an initial bankroll of $100 for the day. You divide the bankroll into half. This will allow you to start with a $50 start-up wager. Now, you will decide who will select first. Your team will be making show parlays. The first person will make their play, and bet the entire $50 to show on the runner.

  1. Player #1 selects a horse that pays $3. Now you have $75 in your bankroll.
  2. Player #2 selects a horse that pays $2.80 to show. Now you have $105 in your bankroll.
  3. Player #3 steps up and gets a horse to run third and pay $4.  / Now you have $210
  4. Player #4 up to bat plays a horse that pays $3.60  / Now you have $378
  5. Player #5 rolls up and knocks out a show horse paying $4.20 to show / Now you have $793.80

Not a bad return on 5 plays, 5 show selections, and starting off with $20 each. Now you split the money up for a cool $158.76 each and you start the process over again with the other $50 in your starting bank. All you have to do is keep the wager alive, and bet it all back the next race. How ever many people, is how many bets you will make. If the wager goes belly up, then you begin again. Heck, it only cost you $20 to begin……

I know you’re not getting rich, but have you had this much fun for $20 at the track in a while? You practically made 8x your initial investment, and you still have $50 left over to begin again. Who knows, you might just do it again. Show me where you can have that much fun with a group outing for $20. It is up to you to make it bigger, smaller, or try $20. Each person gets their pick, and no help from the peanut gallery. You will get your turn, and hopefully you can turn the bankroll into a day of fun!