Let The Bankroll Begin

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 21, 2009 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion, Handicapping | 2 Comments >>

You have heard me talk in the past about making winning runs by using the chalk, instead of throwing out the obvious. Well, here comes another and it is going to be huge….

I am taking a vacation to “chalkland.” I am not ashamed. I am not embarrassed. I am going to make seven plays between here and Breeders’ Cup to bankroll my weekend. Here is my seven-step program.

Day one. I am going to start with $100. I will look over New York, Kentucky, California, and Florida for one play of the day… No more, no less… All I need is 1-2 on my money.. I will bet it to place or show… But, it is coming……

I find my first wager, and lock it in. We find five to six each day and skip it due to price. I bet my $100 and get back $150. My second wager yields me the same 1-2 and my wad is up to $225. Bet three takes me to $337.50. I cannot believe it is growing… Number four gets me – $506.25, and bet number five takes me up to $759.38. I am starting to sweat, but my capping is getting more focused. Number six wager rolls me into – $1,139.06. I finish up my Breeders’ cup bankroll with my seventh wager. I find 1-2 on my money and I get back $1,708.59.

This is hard to grasp… Can you believe that betting $100 on a 1-2 payoff can yield this amount? This will get my bankroll up to a nice number. I only invested a hundred clams, and I have $1,700 to wager. Normally, I could not see $1,700 in pocket unless I am out of town, or it is Breeders’ Cup… But to start with such a small amount compared to what I will have is incredible.

Stay away from small circuits. Stay away from off tracks. Keep away from large fields. Don’t use a new bug rider. Use trainers who bat better than 20%. Don’t use maiden races. Stay away from cheap claimers… This should get you where you need to be. You have to be careful, and there must be some ground rules. These are mine.

Think about it, and let me know your thoughts. Good or bad, just let me know what you think. Seven times in the batters box, and you could be having a helluva Breeders’ Cup weekend…