And The Survey Says…

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 2, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

It depends on who you ask… I have talked to many that roll up the wagering carpet after the Breeders’ Cup. But then, I find those who look for trainers who target certain meets, and this can lead to value. So, you decide. Are you tired of winning, or do you want keep the train rolling?

Those who favor locking up the bankroll are of the opinion that the best races have ran, and why chase lesser quality. Well, I do see their point. But, why would you give up on any opportunity to find value? I love to seek out winners and a chance to increase a bankroll. So, why not find your track and make spot plays that make a nice run?

For the players that follow the winter circuits, I have found that they are more in tune with runners that will ship to Florida and Oaklawn, when they open their doors.  I think to take a vacation break, or a week off, is refreshing. Give yourself a break, and pick back where you left off. I feel it brings you back hungry and ready. You find your spots, and make hay while the snow falls. So, if you put my feet to the fire to make a choice, I see the benefits and thoughts of both schools.

I like to follow the races year round. I have friends who play the contest circuit all year around. They spend tons of money, and love to follow circuits. Some of them even pay hundreds of dollars per month to belong to an info service that gives you an information overload. But, the fact that they play all year long, is proof in the pudding that staying with it is the best thing to do. When you stay away for a long period of time, you run the risk of getting set back. Isn’t it good to know the latest news? Who is retired, when you search in vain for them to return? How about now that you have bankrolled, and now you are starting from scratch, it almost feels like you are going to the races for the first time.

Long story short. Always stay active. You may not bet as many tracks, but find the few you follow and go after the money. This may be a time when you try to bankroll while moving. You may not be making your biggest wagers, but all the while you set a little money back as those marquee tracks are right around the corner.