Turfway Tips

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 2, 2009 in Educational Articles, Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles | 2 Comments >>

If you want the inside scoop on what to look for, and what a player needs to have in hand, you are in the right place at the right time.  Just download your data, and take a look at these little nuggets.

There is no exact diagram or design for winning at Turfway Park. But here are a few tips that need to be examined to help you make your decisions.

Six furlong races – In my past experiences with the oval, I feel that you will want to stick with closers, or runners that have an ability to rate and pounce down the lane. I would not shy away from the outside posts. They are as even as the inside, and they have an advantage at times. The poly track is a flat surface. There is no crown or banked area as horses head into the turn. Pay close attention to closers from the back of the pack. Silky Sullivan would have loved this oval.

Six and a half panels – Once again, stalkers and closers rule the day. Don’t be afraid to watch for those at the back of the pack. I won’t say that some will go wire to wire, but the percentages lay with the patient closers.

Five and a half races – The rule holds even more …. Suffice it to say, the back of the pack can be the place to be.

One mile to a mile and a sixteenth – These races play more to front end runners, and those who just lay off. Funny thing, the longer they go, the better the speed.

Look for shippers from Keeneland, Churchill, and Hawthorne. No matter where the Chicago horses go, they run very well… Pay close attention to those who get a trip over the track, or who have been working at Keeneland or Turfway. They are made up of the same surface.

Riders that warrant a big look are:

John Court – He can ride tall in the saddle against this crew. He used to torture them at Ellis Park.

John McKee – This young lad always looks good in the saddle.  Many times he has been compared to Pat Day.

Israel Ocampo – This fella’ looks good in the saddle. He has never really gotten the quality of horses to show his ability, but now he will. Look for him on speed runners. He loves a quick break.

Leandro Goncalves – This is going to be my best bet of the meet.  Barring any injuries, he is very talented. This should be his meet. He had one of toughest upbringings as a child. But, he is as kind and happy as one could be. He is young, energetic, and patient. Add them up, and you have a contender.

So, here it is. The best place to get your data, and a little inside info from playing the oval on a regular basis. I sure hope you get a chance to wager on a few races, and be sure to tune in this week to our Internet show as we will have Turfway Park President Bob Elliston as our special guest.

Enjoy the winter, and spring will be here before you know it……