Dodge The Tax Man

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 26, 2010 in General Discussion, Help/Educational Articles | No Comments >>

We all like to beat the man…. The only constant is death and taxes.. One has to be for sure, but the other can be beaten.

I love the dime super. It is a cool way around the tax man. I remember my first, which made me a believer. It was at Keeneland, and I had the dime super ten times and it paid $200 for a dime payoff. If it had been for a $1, well, he would have gotten me..

I told my boss that I loved the fifty cent trifecta bet. Same concept, and the same game… He felt that people would bet less. Not the case at all. When I hit my big super at Keeneland, I didn’t stop after I punched out a copy. I punched out ten. Actually, it would have been more than I would have bet….

He didn’t buy it, and he still thinks people will stop betting when they get in at a short price. If you survey the crowd, maybe 1 out of 20 would pull this.. The end result is letting people into a new wager at a lower price. It also allows them control. Add in the ability to smack the man, and it gets that much sweeter.

Many believe that tracks have casino philosophy. Not true.. They take all of your money and like it. The track gets a takeout of every bet. We want you to win every day, and hopefully we can get another visit or two out of you each month. Factor that in, and the handle goes up…

Just think about it. Keep the wager located to two or three windows with clerks, and on all of the self bet machines. This won’t cause a log jam, and raise the handle. And in the end, you won’t get a nasty gram from Uncle Sam claiming you owe him money.