Do Your Homework!

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 5, 2010 in Handicapping, Help/Educational Articles | No Comments >>

Mom and Dad were right. Just do your homework and buckle down. It will payoff in the long run…

Most get complacent at times during the year. You need to have a few habits locked in to help your bottom line. Here are a few simple suggestions that will keep your accounts heading in the right direction.

1. Keep a log of all of your wagers, wins, losses, and daily totals. This will allow you to see your money in action, and keeping a simple log will allow you to redirect any short falls.

2. Focus on one or two tracks to wager. If you try anymore, you will start chasing your tail. Stick to your knitting!

3. Use a data service to supplement your handicapping. You will find this helps in keeping up to speed, and staying in the groove with your plays. WinningPonies is a great site, and I have seen them all. Easy to use, and is up to the latest minute by not putting out information 72 hours in advance, like some services. For the many players I have come across, most use a service to work with their handicapping.

4. Play hot rider / trainer combos. I would use 20% as a benchmark for this stat. They will win more than most, and have a proven team work plan.

5. Look for a change of equipment and a red-hot workout. A runner cannot change equipment off of a win. Sometimes you will see a horse run decent, and then comes the change up and hot work to show they are ready.

You need to keep these few tips handy before you make a wager.  You need to start back up strong for 2010. Sometimes we forget, and practicing strong habits can only make us stronger at the windows.

Good luck!