Pure Genius

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 25, 2011 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

GeniusI love it when someone jumps up and does the right thing. Kudos to Emerald Downs. They have the right idea.

Everyone has heard of “Groupon” by now. It is where many people can purchase into a special deal, and pay a little, and get added value. On 5/15, they offered up a night at the races. For $10, you receive admission, a program, and $10 worth of food and beverage. As someone who has held many jobs at the track, I know that two of these are ” perceived value.” There is really no-cost for admission for the track, and a program is about $43 cents to have printed and delivered. So, you get 10,626 good folks to ante up a little, and get a sweet deal. Even if the admission and program are negotiable losses. It is so cool that they wind this up as a track pack for the day.

Now, could we make this nation wide ? How about an offer from Belmont where you can purchase a $10 general admission and get a grandstand seat for free?  How about for the Arlington Million that we could get free parking, and free general admission with the purchase of an on-track race program. You get the idea…..

We need to think on a more national level, and take the initial NTRA ideal and make it happen without the membership dues. Racing is beginning to come back to the light, and its showing glimmers of hope even during a sour economy.

Now more than ever, we need for racing to think outside the box, and target Facebook, Twitter, and every social media outlet. How about days for concerts and food trucks like they are doing in California. Talk about a door buster… How about making Churchill Downs run at night every Friday and Saturday ? Believe me, they will. How long before you see the first Derby with an 8 p.m. EST post?  They are blowing the doors off with small entertainment, and making it special. You know? Talk it up, and make a big deal out of what goes on everyday this time of year. Racing is a cerebral, heart-pounding, smack your ass with the rolled up program, all the while your runner comes flying at the wire. I have played cards, machines, slots, and about every lottery. I have never run across anything that tickles my noggin, and my heart, as racing does. Whether it be $5k claimers, trotters, or quarter horses. It always has a special beauty all of its own. If you doubt my words, go see for yourself… I BET you’ll love the action !