Horseplayers – Now it’s Getting Great!

At first it was a little soft, but they had to build the characters. – Things are starting to change a bit, and the price of poker is going up. After receiving five calls about the latest episode, and one call from a great handicapper known as “Moo.” – There were a few after-thoughts in the episode, but man, is it getting good!

How about Katie Gensler taking Matt Bernier on a scouting mission to the paddock. That was great stuff, and you can see him growing with each installment. – I was a little taken back by the text to the players room talking about the #2 horse, and Governor Jones horse who won to pay sweetly. They don’t allow phone conversations in the room, and that hit home for me. I have played in the contest, and next time I want to sit on that side where we can get texts, calls, and sage advice. Still love the kid, and he is going to be the man. How many money men can you still watch and get excited? Time for the regular guy to make his mark. – Good luck!

Christian Hellmers is starting to unfold as a unique character. When he “sucked in” Beychok to get in on a losing deal, I had to question. Was it the blue/green algae, or just a  little head-game on the $1 million dollar man? – Beychock is as cool as the backside of the pillow. Cream rises to the top. Just a momentary set back. – Oh, and the call that I received about the Miguel Mena horse having front wraps on in the paddock, and shows him drawing off with back wraps only. (Good catch Moo!) It reminded me of when the old magazines about racing used to inform readers of all the winners they picked after the race. – I’ll  have some Kale chips and a double blue-green algae cocktail. That may help my mojo.

Team Rotondo is a clean version of the “Sopranos.” – No whacking anything, except  programs against their hands in unison. – Love the energy, and they bring the family love. Lee Davis is the loveable character that everyone would go to the races with. The Rotondo boys are my favorite part of the show right now. How many players with a suspect score would be allowed to get a part of the “Guru’s ticket ? – Peter Jr. pulled this off, and maybe he owes Christian a new bow tie. – Have to admit, he puts the Dhani Jones bow ties to shame! – Get hot!!

The “Cowboy” started off rough, but when he was advising Beychok about betting strategies. I knew he was a real player, and not a Texas-tough guy. I am starting to get into his attitude. I didn’t care for the tough guy approach at first, but he is unfolding into a betting machine. – Guys like this make things happen, and he doesn’t care about getting into the group ticket thing. Yet…

I still love the show, and it really emphasizes the NHC seat. This isn’t the chair of St. Peter, but I know there is a goal and all will be aboard. The “behind” the scenes calls, and secret texts about Jones’ horse hit me in the heart. We know it exists, but just don’t show it. It is about playing to win, and not receiving calls from above to get you in the money. The front wrap thing was a good catch. Just get the details right, and we’ll keep loving this show into season #10!!

Overall, this is good for the game. Unique personalities doing what they love. Most people won’t play in a $3,000 contest.  Hit players where they live, and they will follow because they see themselves on screen. – Winner of the year is John Conte. He is as tough a nickle steak and breaks down bets, and talks about what it means to have an exacta, trifecta, and which magnifying glass is the daddy and which is the son. – Great character, and a good man for the show. My DVR is set, and I am stuck to the couch watching the boys do their thing. This is great heading into the Triple Crown, and Peter Jr. probably has more to do with advising and pointing out the details. – Maybe he’ll send me a bow tie ? – But he’ll have to show me how to tie this thing! Can’t wait for more!! How about you?? – Get hot, or go home!!