The First Day of Summer

small collection of horse racing related hilarity for your amusement ...

I just finished a day at the track, and now its time to relax. A cold beer in one hand, and a Macanudo in the other. What more could a man ask for? – The tracks are gearing up for some of the best racing of the year, and it all begins today. The Summer Solstice started at 6:51 a.m. EDT, and this day is packed with the most sunlight we will see all year. So keep your shades on a little longer, as the party is just getting started.

For starters, the racing schedule will hit a zenith of super action:

Belmont – Runs until 7/13/14

Del Mar – 7/17/14 – 9/3/14

Arlington – Runs until 9/28/14

Monmouth – Until 9/28/14

Saratoga – 7/18/14 – 9/1/14

Woodbine – Until 12/3/14

Belterra Park  – Until 10/19/14

Now I’m sure you’ll agree with most of the tracks listed. Belterra Park has been added as it has allowed me to dance to with my first love. Thoroughbred racing. If you love the sport and have followed it as long as I have. You are smiled upon by the Wagering Gods to be a part of something you enjoy. But this summer is extra special as I will be trackside Thursday – Sunday not missing one single race of the above mentioned tracks. Once again, what more could a horse player ask for?

Turf racing is in full swing, and you’ll be treated to a host of incredible greensward events. – In the remaining portion of June you’ll have the opportunity to watch and wager on: The (G-2) King Edward/Woodbine, The (G-2) Firecracker/Churchill, The (G-2) New York Stakes/Belmont, The (G-2) Royal Heroine/Santa Anita, The (G-3) Senorita Stakes / Santa Anita, and The (G-2) San Juan Capistrano/Santa Anita. That’s all happening in the next 10 days!

How many days will you spend with family and friends at the track this year? If you’re unsure, allow me to suggest that you rekindle your love alongside the rail watching the races. Many of us started out as kids tagging along with mom and dad, and somewhere between being bored and eating ice cream. The pageantry and beauty of racing captured our soul. – Racing needs your help, as it is our responsibility to introduce the game to new players this summer. Think about that for one second. If all of us brought a few new friends, met business associates, brought the kids, or called up an old pal to meet us for a few races. The game would be getting the best publicity/advertising that money could never buy. The summer sun, your shorts and sandals, and the smooth taste of an ice cold beer could only be better as horses thunder down the stretch. Trust me, the doctor is in and he prescribes at least ten trips to the ponies for everyone. You’ll have plenty of time to watch and wager from the comfort of your man cave when there is 10 inches of snow outside. Enjoy the summer breeze and don’t forget your sunscreen!

I have always enjoyed the events that take place at the summer tracks. Music festivals, wiener dog races, and ostrich races just to name a few. The feeling of hanging with friends and enjoying the special events make going to the races that much sweeter. There is something about gathering at the track. It is not like meeting at Wal-Mart, or going to the gas station to shoot the breeze and enjoy the day. Going as a kid was great, and creating the promotional calendar for summer was more fun than the law would allow. How many people would be bored watching wiener dogs named Boomer, Twinkie, Big Daddy, and Snarky run twenty yards in designed lanes chasing after their favorite toy at the other end? Think of it as the after-of entertainment to the Thoroughbreds, and hang around and have a cold one. I think you’ll love the whole day. The fun in the sun is just beginning, and the longest day of sunlight took place today. But, the flip-side of the coin is that everyday after today you’ll have one or two less minutes of sunlight. You better hurry, the season will pass by quicker than your summer break in grade school.