The Wide World of Wagering

We’re the generation of ADW wagering, racing channels on cable and satellite, and every track in the nation is open for bets. Once upon a time I could remember dreaming about going to Las Vegas to hit the race books. When I graduated college, my dad wanted to buy me a gift. “Would you like a school ring, or would you like to join Sandy and I on a three-day weekend to Vegas?” If you see me, you’ll notice there is no reminder of my college graduation on my finger.

My first trip to Las Vegas was one-of-a-kind. We landed at McCarran Airport, and we made a direct shot for the race book. We were staying at the Imperial Palace, and this old school house of betting was everything and more. We started early in the morning with the east coast tracks, and made out way across the nation. After 10 hours of betting and drinking, I was finishing up making wagers on Quarter Horses. Hell, I didn’t even know anything about them, and it didn’t matter. I skipped meals, and only left my seat to make a bet or hit the men’s room. On the way back, I would reach into my pocket and play a 25-cent horse race game. By my calculations, it cost me a minimum of $10 for each trip to the restroom as the horse race game was calling my name.

I didn’t want to sleep, eat, and only thought about doing it all over again. It was certain to say I was hooked on the non-stop world of gambling. I had never seen anything close to “Sin City,” and my first trip left me tired, a few pounds lighter, and my wallet was empty. As I boarded the plane for the four-hour flight home, all I could think of was getting back there as soon as possible.

ADW wagering is as good as it gets. You have your portal open to all of the tracks in the world, and as long as you have money in your account you’re in action. When I first started betting on-line, it was hard to think of it as money. I was drawing directly from my checking account, and it had the feel of casino chips. There was no value as it was just a number on the screen. You only come to know the truth when that number reads $0.00. – If you can use this wonderful wagering weapon correctly, you can take it down. I have a good friend who starts the year off with a $1,000 maximum deposit. “When it’s gone, it’s gone.” He would watch race replays, and bet only a handful of tracks. He loved turf racing, and knew the breeding inside and out. I use to check in with him from time-to-time and he would say he was doing alright. Breeders’ Cup came around and he told me like two runners over the two days of incredible action. “He had the patience of a stone, and would wait for weeks to make a huge bet.” After Breeders’ Cup last year, I asked him how he was doing. “I have requested a total withdrawal from my account.” – I figured he was tapped or took a big hit. But when he had over $23,000 coming to his bank. I learned a valuable lesson of patience and using the site to make a profit instead of seeking a day at the races.

Most tracks are stepping up to the plate. They have mobile applications that allow you to wager from your phone or tablet. – My first glimpse was a hundred years ago, and there was a device called a “Bet-Mate.” – If you ever wondered why they keep the candy and gum near the checkout counters at stores, it’s called an impulse buy. Just too hard to refuse, and your kids go crazy when they see all of the candy at arms reach. – Well, the “Bet-Mate” had the same effect as my pal started off winning by playing the races he handicapped. Then, he must have contracted a rare affliction. I think it’s called “Bet-it-all” as he started wagering $2 or $4 on every track running. “It’s only a few bucks, and who knows? It may payoff.” At the end of the day, he tapped out and borrowed money from me. – The idea of betting from a mobile device is genius. The track can control man power costs, and you can wager from your seat. All you have to do is fund your account at the beginning of the day, and keep your voucher to cash out when finished. This gives you more time to handicap, and you won’t be caught in long lines. If you use this to your advantage, you’ll make your bankroll last longer and have a solid chance of turning the day into a winner.

In so many ways, this is not your grandpa’s game. Wagering is as easy as the click of a mouse, a phone call, or a few key strokes. As long as you have a bit of restraint, you’ll enjoy the technology at hand. No more long drives to the track, buying gas, and having lunch at the track. It all adds up, and if you “bet with your head and not over it.” These are some of the greatest days ever to be a horse player.