Bankroll Builders

Re: Post pics of your bankrollEvery now and again we forget what brought us to the dance. The little wagers that find their way into the forgotten bin of gambling. We graduate on to bigger wagers as we chase the pot of gold. There is plenty of money that is left on the table, and I’m guilty of forgetting what brought me to the dance. I am on a quest of sorts, and you can see where it takes me.

Saratoga opens their gates for the 150th anniversary season on July 18th. I have been waiting for two meets to come into full swing. They are Saratoga, and Keeneland as they make their comeback on a dirt surface. Everyone has their own little favorites, and these two gems are mine. With that in mind, I started thinking about bankroll building time. There is never enough gas in the tank, or at least that is my excuse. I have come into a small winning run, and have waited to make a good wager. But, the excuse train has once again convinced me that my $400 is not enough to make the run. This year, I have taken on two gambling brothers. We toss in a $20 or a $50, and take a shot at a big pool from time to time. I brought up the quest for the gold, and we couldn’t come to a consensus on who would handicap when. This is usually where the parties involved double their money, and tuck it back into their wallet. Then like a bolt from above, I came up with an idea… “How about using Winning Ponies, and we’ll use the E-Z Win Form top selection.” – All agreed, and three men as close as brothers are ready to go to bat with $1,200 the next few weeks. The tracks we’ll use will be Belmont, and Arlington. It all starts tomorrow, and I’ll keep you up to speed who we’ll be playing. The agreed upon format will begin with a $200 place wager, and use no more than three races on any day. If the ticket is good, all goes into the next race. “The old place parlay” rears its head once again, and we’re full steam ahead for the Saratoga meet.


Race #5 – Mdn $40,000 – 7f on the turf – 3:24 p.m. EST

$200 to place #9 / Pilatus

This son of Shakespeare is the top tier selection, and owns a field best 63+ Last Race Rating, and a 61 Composite Rating. His Turf Class Rating is 8.7, and he sports the “Should Improve” handicapping icon. – Alex Solis in the irons for Lisa Lewis, and they are winning at a 27% clip, and the barn is ITM 42% with turf runners.


There is the first step toward our summertime bankroll, and we’ll check in from time to time and let you know how our bankroll is doing. Winning Ponies convinced three strong handicappers to put aside their differences and rely on proven data. When I told the guys  they have over $5,091,069 in exotic payouts, they were more than willing to take part in the bankroll builder.