Gifts For The Gambler

So you want to learn to play the races, huh ? – Well, just sit near the roaring fireplace and grab a glass of grandpa’s egg nog. The cookies are fresh out of the oven, and we’re just about ready to open presents. You better hurry, as you won’t want to miss out!

As we gather with friends and family to celebrate the season, be sure and take time to reflect. Think about the wonderful happenings in your life and focus on the future. Just when you’ve eaten enough holiday goodies to make your pants button pop off and the kids are fast asleep. Take a break for yourself. Everyone needs a timeout, and now more than ever you need to examine your handicapping tool box. Think of this as a gift from a fellow horseplayer.

1. – It is not important to play every race. Pick your spots, and know when you need to watch. The world of simulcast has opened the box od plenty and we’ll never have to wait all day for a race. – Just say “no” to impulse wagers.

2. – Bet the minimum amount allowed with multi-race wagers. You can keep pressing the button till your fingers bleed. Don’t pay the taxman when it is not needed. This keeps money in your pocket and you’ll be a “Happy Horse Player.”

3. – No more “Caveman Tickets” on pick-four’s, five’s, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is just swinging away with your wagering club making a huge ticket. The cost is usually quite large, and all you get is a chance to hit the wager and hope you break even. This applies to everyday except the Derby, Breeders’ Cup, or any other day where there is a huge guaranteed pool.

4. – Leave alone the pick-six, Rainbow-Six, as they are sucker bets. Plain and simple and you’re better off playing the lottery. Keep your money on wagers that have a chance.

5. – No more guy nights drinking dollar beers and betting. This is a recipe for losing your stew. Have the beers after you nail the card. Racing is a cerebral game and it takes your entire attention.

6. – This is a gift to yourself. If you would like to raise your game to another dimension, it is time to seek out a professional service that works. I have worked in the ADW game, and everyone claims they have the secret sauce. – Not true. Use a service that posts their results (good or bad), shows their profits up-to-date, and offers an ability to change selections in real-time. I have looked at the every sheet under the sun, and you need to look no further. Just like that commercial on TV that talks about not only believing in the product, I am a member. Be sure to check back for Friday, and you’ll receive some FREE Winning Ponies E-Z Win Form selections.

7. – If you are a “Weekend Warrior,” no worries… All you need to do is glance at the charts for about three days prior. If the weather is nasty, go back and check out how the track plays when wet. This even applies to Poly Track as it tightens up and can be speed biased in certain locations of the country. Also, see #6 as it allows you to better focus your time deciding on how you’re going to put your selections into play.

8 – Take a friend, neighbor, or teenager to the track. The sights, smells, and experience will never be learned with on-line betting. Be sure to do all of your work ahead of time so you can talk and explain the process of handicapping. Tracks will never be able to advertise enough to tackle this demo.

9. – Keep your handicapping to no more than three tracks, and only use the races you love. If you have to have an impulse bet, make a small wager at a nice price.

10. – Be kinder to yourself. There will be good and bad days, and only use money that you can afford to spend. You wouldn’t use your grocery money to see a movie, or not make a car payment to buy a coat. Just use your head, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see. If in doubt, just see #6 for all the help you’ll ever need.

Have a Happy Holiday Season, and be sure to check in on Friday for some FREE Winning Ponies selections. Think of as a late present, or one you forgot about under the tree. Be safe, and enjoy friends and family. There will be plenty of time to get your Christmas money in play later in the week. From your friends at Winning Ponies, Happy Holidays!