Three Ways to Increase Your Bankroll

handful of money


Nothing like a little jolt to get you thinking about making a score. – It’s not impossible and it is all up to you. – “What do you want your day to look like ? ” Box seats at the finish line or a seat by the band ?” – Let’s get started with a few simple ideas to have you cashing more and wishing less.

1. – You are in the right place. If you’re looking at Winning Ponies, you are 90% closer to your goal. The best players I have ever known have an edge. – They run complex computer programs that break down the race and in the end you have a list of runners that don’t fit their criteria and need to be tossed. – Or the ultra-complex systems where they run a query on how many races at that distance, size of the field, track condition, and rider and trainer percentages winning those type of races. You pay through the nose, and have a list of runners who don’t win at a clip they accept. – Then you have Winning Ponies. The data breaks down the race and shows you in easy-to-use color coded tiers who their system selects. From the top down, you have an idea where runners fit, the complete data on riders and  trainers, and how they work as a team. And the one-of-a-kind Race Ratings and Composite Ratings that give you an idea how they fit today and how they have progressed over the past three races. – On the turf ? No problem. There is a complete set of unique Turf Class Ratings that dig deep and mine the data that gives your wager the opportunity to yield a bigger profit. – Handicapping icons that immediately grab your attention to: “Dropping in Class, Turf to Dirt, Three-year-old facing older, and Monster workouts.” – You will be surprised how many handicappers miss the little things and jump too quickly into handicapping only to go back and find out they missed a little detail like a filly facing the boys, or fresh off the claim. – Winning Ponies presents the facts and allows you to decide on how to use the data to shoot for the stars or find additional Value.


2. – Don’t waste your bankroll chasing wagers you don’t normally play. – Keep a close eye for: Guaranteed pick-four pools, pick-three pools, and lower takeout special wagers. – They all offer value for the player. I have a million stories of great cappers losing at the windows. They plunk all of their bankroll into wagers they haven’t played or hardly ever play. – Don’t be the “one day pro” and try and conquer the marquee races at an oval you normally don’t play. My favorite is the Preakness Stakes where bettors normally don’t play Pimlico and now they are knee deep in handicapping a track they don’t play regularly. – Stick to the tracks you follow regularly. I bet you’ll thank Winning Ponies when you download the E-Z Win Forms and have an idea how you’ll play for the day.


3. – Minimize the distractions. – Simple decisions will make your day a winner if you have the focus needed to win. – No drinking or celebratory moments while trying to handicap and wager. There is plenty of time to celebrate after the big win. – Don’t hang out with folks who aren’t glad to see you win. We all know folks who get bitter when you score and they just got nosed out by your (20-1) shot. Good handicappers want to see you win and there are no ill feelings. Rid yourself of this person when wagering is taking place. – Don’t rush your handicapping. If you use your data and pour over the selections for an hour, you need to oust the same amount of time deciding how you’ll put the selections into play. I know so many great ‘cappers who leave gobs of money on the table because they didn’t put enough time into how they’ll play their selections.



If you follow these simple rules of thumb, I think you’ll start seeing the little changes you’ve been searching for years. – Be positive, prepare in advance, and keep your head. Bet more when you’re ahead and less when your playing from behind. – Give yourself a chance to win and leave the wishing to when you purchase a lottery ticket.  Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies. – We’ll be here when you’re ready to take your game to the next level. So what are ya’ waiting for ? – It’s almost post time !