Size Doesn’t Matter

When the ball starts to drop you can hear the inner-thoughts of gamblers from around the globe. – We can’t help it as it’s the nature of a gambler to strive toward a better day tomorrow. Thank the Wagering Gods we don’t have to actually hear the inner prayers as the final seconds tick away. – I used to start when Dick Clark began talking about crystal ball, how much it weighs, where it’s made, and how many people are in Times Square. But over time, I introspectively look over my past year and sum it up to one thing I would like to work on. – Nope, no more resolutions the size of War and Peace, and I may actually have a chance at making a change in my gambling practice. – Size doesn’t matter, and the smaller the better when it comes to finding a resolution.

I know many players who swear off casinos, toss away loyalty cards, and make plans to attend the races in person versus playing from home. – The shear size could choke a dinosaur. – I used to ask players over the years as I made my way around the race book and we would talk resolutions. You would hear everything from cutting back on mustard for their hot dog to learning a more sophisticated handicapping program. – Everyone would like some change for the better, but the size of the resolution bogs them down and by the end of the month they are back to old habits. Below are some of the words of wisdom I used to hear on my rounds.

* I’m not going to sit with the smokers (as he had a nasty Black Pete cigar in his mouth)

* I’m going to study the night before coming to the track and cut out guessing

* My wife will not be allowed to come to the races with me this year

* I’m going to find a new seat

* Don’t bring the kids –  Unless that is the only way you are allowed out of the house

* Don’t talk to people as much


Now about this time you are doubting the actual conversations that would take place the very next day after the ball dropped. Gamblers are a cagey sort to say the least and I always had a good chuckle on my way home. That is until I realized I was in this group of hopeful players. – It was then I tried a little something new. – If you’re on the bubble for a good resolution, here are some universal ideas that are sure to lift your game.

* Keep copious notes on what you started with, how much you bet, and the final outcome. – This is a sure fire way to be aware of what you are doing after the fact and can constantly tweak your game.

* This is the year of focus. – Play no more than three tracks, and from these only play your best bets.

* No more wagers out of boredom waiting for your race to run later in the day.

* Watch replays. They can now be found on most track websites for free.

* Bet more when you’re up, less when you’re losing.

* No drinking while gambling. – Ever.

* Go to the paddock and make this a regular habit. You will see more than you ever thought.

* You’re on the Winning Ponies website and this is the beginning. – You are able to download the E-Z Win Forms to give you a feel of how the race shapes up. – Having a solid and proven data source allows you to spend more time deciding how you’re going to bet instead of who looks good. – They are easy to use, and if you have a horse racing fan in your life, you can purchase some E-Z Win Credits to be used for downloading the information. (Be sure to always check back as Winning Ponies is always offering a bonus or a special offer for these handicapping tools.)


There are some realistic goals for all players. – If you think you don’t fit, you may want to read over the list a few times. – We all want to take our game to the next level and there is no better time than now. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies, and here’s to a profitable 2017 !