Put It Out There

If you’ve ever picked a horse, a game, a player, or made a prediction. There is nothing more humbling than putting your name on it. But there is where the glory shines. – Last night, I posted a couple of posts on social media about the Alabama – Clemson game. Coming into the big event the game looked like a time for Bama to roll. – But when you put your name on it, be prepared to back it up. – I did, they lost, and I understand. Maybe it is from years of having my horse picks posted and there is a tally next to your name. There are good times, bad days, and times where you question what were you thinking ?

When I was a younger man, I used to have winning days and thought it was easy. We all have the “man this game is easy” thought at one time or another. It’s only when you’ve been playing a long time you realize the highs and lows of gambling. – The longer you play the more your batting average goes down a bit. But that’s still fine and dandy with this handicapper. – I’ve known people who would bat 75% or better on the card and brag a bit among their pals. – I guess we’ve all fallen into that trap, and the only thing that comes to mind is when we’re humbled a bit. – In the high times of social media we have a forum where we can post our plays and the world can see our name attached to the steamer. – Right about now you are searching your noggin for reasons not to post. ” I don’t want to hurt the odds, why give it away so easily ?” – That’s all fine and good but when you post your picks good or bad, that is the place I want to follow. I want the real information and not inflated numbers bragging about winning days only. As gamblers we  know this just doesn’t happen. – I’ll put my selections out there, and I’ll stand by them. There will be good days where I feel invincible and others where I question what the hell I’m doing ?

In 2008, I started with Winning Ponies. – Prior to that I use to follow their selections on a daily basis, and noticed they would post the results of the E-Z Win predictions. There are some days you wished you would’ve downloaded and fired away, and others where you saw the bitter beats of running third more than not. – I would rather follow the site who posts the truth. – Before anyone gets their data in an uproar, nobody is trying to mislead you. But I would rather see the hard truth, and with the good and bad days I gain more insight into the trends of playing with a data provider. 2017 is 10 days into the new year and Winning Ponies has $172,550 in exotic payoff winners. I’m sure there are plenty out there who claim they do better, but sure as silk they won’t be posting their name next to their picks. – That is the hard part for the pretenders, and for the folks who  take the stock market approach to stay in for the long haul. – This is where you’ll find yourself doing better over time. If you only follow the data that brags about a winning day or giant score, chances are they won’t post their selections on a daily basis to show the answer good or bad. Everyone wants to be a winner and I surely can’t blame them. But if you’re going to be in the game longer than a handful of days, I lean toward the data providers who are open and post their selection results good or bad.

There have been days where I’ve taken it to the limit, and others where I would be lucky to find my nose on my face. – That’s gambling. As 2017 is only days old, there is no better time to follow the E-Z Win Predictions of Winning Ponies. They are easy to use, color coded for easy perusal, and can be utilized by hard core and new players alike. – They have numbers that give you more than a quick scan. Winning Ponies allows you to see how the runners fit into the race. – They offer free contests, free selections and blogs, and the popular Internet Radio Show with host John Englehardt. – There are few sites that offer a complete overview and Winning Ponies wants the player to be better prepared. – You’ll find yourself entertained and better prepared to play the races. How many sites can say they offer the same ? – Let 2017 be the year of taking your game to the next level. You’re already here, and that is more than half the battle. Be sure to check back as Winning Ponies has great bonus offers, and this year there will be some changes to make the site even more effective in preparing for the races. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !