Handicapping 202

We’ve glanced over the intro course and it’s time to learn more. – If you haven’t caught on yet, no worries. This class may have you chomping at the bit. Just sit back and take it all in.


1. – Many people like to learn online. No worries with this as the Internet is a great place to learn at your own speed. – Go back and look up “Night School” lessons about varied subjects in horse racing. – Read the Blood-Horse for info about the business and handicapping, and try the Daily Racing Form for an overall read about the industry. – This will move you to the next level.

2. – Now you have an idea of what the basic wagers are about. These are the staples of betting, and should always be used during the day of wagering. – As you graduate to the next level don’t forget bets that got you started. You don’t want to leave money on the table.

3. – Turn back to the front of the program or any betting site and look over the glossary of wagers. – You’ll want to learn more about daily doubles, quinellas, exactas, trifectas, superfectas, pick threes and pick fours. – This is where you can win some bigger money.

4. – Takeout is the amount of money that comes from every dollar wagered. – Let’s make it easy and use 20%. The money is split between the horsemen in the form of purses and the track who puts on the show. – The money is taken out and 100% of the remaining monies go back into the pool. If you look at the odds the “takeout” has been removed. This is called “pari-mutuel” wagering and the French word means “betting among ourselves.” – The race track is the only gambling establishment who wants you to win every race, every day. They get a % from every dollar to pay for the show and the rest is returned to the common pools where players money can be seen.

5. – If you would like to wager from home there are plenty of ADW’s or betting sites that are legal. Some states have restrictions and you can find this out pretty easy. So, which one to use? – Find an ADW ( Advance Deposit Wagering) that fits your needs. There are some that offer free handicapping materials and other offer rebates for the amount of money you wager. Some offer both. – If you would ask for me for three: TwinSpires, Xpressbet, and DRF bets. You will receive everything from wagering materials for tracks you bet, blogs, and rebates. – You’re in the right direction. (Just don’t let your boss catch you playing the 3rd at Saratoga).

6. – Watch some races without betting. – No better way to begin to understand the game. You’ll start to find your favorite tracks and wagers. – This is where the fun begins.

7. – On marquee racing days you can find a TV channel that has incredible coverage of the races. – The next big weekend will be the Breeders’ Cup, and they will have some incredible coverage talking about the behind the scenes. – Listen to the handicappers and racing personalities but make your own bets.

8. – As you start to learn more jump into the exotic wagers. – Don’t bet more than your bankroll allows and these days are great for using a partner.

9. – If you make an exacta, be sure and box your selections. – “If you’re to bet em’ you gotta box em’.” – You’ll thank yourself in the long-run.

10.- Don’t be afraid of using the “all button.” – This is having all the horses in a position or in a particular race. If you decide to use this, be sure to pair down your ticket in other races to keep it manageable. – This button has saved me plenty, but it can get pretty expensive if you don’t try to shorten your ticket by taking one or two fewer runners in other races.