The Happy Horseplayer – June 2020

by Ed Meyer

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Hello, and welcome back to the races my friends! – Well, if not right this minute, it’s coming shortly. For the time we stayed at home and wondered if the world would return. It appears we are coming out of our shell and getting back to living. – I pray we take our time, keep many safeguards in place, and listen to the powers that be on what we should be doing to return to life. – The HH is confident and hopeful,  and so should you. After all, we’re all in it together every day.


The silence is deafening

I’ve been given the opportunity to return back to work! – Walking into the track had me moving at a quicker pace and a smile from ear-to-ear.  I work at Belterra Park, calling the races, creating the morning line, social media, and take part in any interviews about racing. – Life is pretty good for this lifelong fan.

There was a feeling that cake over me as I looked out the windows for the first time. – The flowers in bloom, the manicured turf, and the horses were walking to the paddock to be saddled. There was only one thing missing. – You.

No fans, no friends, and no visitors. – It was shocking and seemed like a Twilight Zone episode. But submitted for your approval was a new reality. One where we stayed away from each other, no handshakes or hugging. We wore masks to protect each other yet concealing our faces. – Yeah, it was quite different, but after the first race went to post I felt normal. – We were doing this for the fans at home, OTB’s, and other tracks. – I had the opportunity to be the eyes of the players. I let them know about the weather, track conditions, and if there was anything important happening at the track. How many times did the water trucks make rounds? How many wins did John McKee notch along the day? – Who looked good on the track and why? – Yes, it was a job of great joy. I wanted to keep the fans informed. It’s what I would want to hear, and as a fan of the truest form, I am ready to re-start 2020. I doubt if we can really turn back the clocks as many are still battling, recovering, and for the ones who have left us. We will always remember.

So, as I take my seat in the booth. I am ready to let you know everything going on. If it gets under your skin, just keep handicapping. Many do want to know, and it is my pleasure to be your eyes during this time. – By the way, the casino will be opening on June 19th and that means fans will be filling the stands. Talk about the good news! – Until that day, I’ll keep you up-to-speed and make you feel like you’re right against the rail taking it all in. – Best of luck, HH.


Baffert blues

Bob Baffert is the gold standard of what a top-shelf trainer looks like. – If you’re not a fan or part of the conspiracy theory crew. Just keep moving. – He has a couple of runners who won’t be making the Triple Crown, and that is sad for the game. – But, I’ll bet dollars to donuts he’ll have a late-blooming runner that takes our breath away. Charlatan and Nadal; oh the things that may have been this year. Baffert is a consummate professional and for the fans who doubt his abilities. I once heard a statement that fits like a glove. ” It’s the lead soldier that takes all the arrows in battle.” – Best of luck, Bob. Can’t wait to see what you’ll have up next!


Well, hopefully, next month we’ll be talking about the wonderful things ahead. Hope spring’s eternal and so does life. – I’m ready, but I’m gonna practice some new safeguards to protect you and me. It only makes sense, and let’s take it a little slower. – Enjoy every moment, cherish the time we get to spend with friends and family. And, when you’re back at the track, give a big round of applause for the many folks who make the game work. They are the heroes in the sport of racing. There are so many to mention, but I’m sure you have a good idea. – Until next month, let’s all gather at the rail ( 6 ft apart) and cheer and root for our favorite runner. – Best of luck, HH.