Hidden Treasure

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 25, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on Hidden Treasure

We’re not going to Oak Island. – I’m talking about finding small payoffs that can lead to a positive R.O.I at the end of the day. – For many tracks, small fields have become the norm. We have to come to terms with this right now, and I think we’ll see a little difference in time. There’s not one mistake to blame, but with a little patience, you may start enjoying making 60 – 80% on your $2 wager.

We are living in the times of “take what you can get.” – I work with a gent who shoots the pan camera for the track. – He is always talking about not getting a better price until I showed him a little trick to enjoy the races and take what you can get at the windows.

He loves to bet $2 bucks to win and it’s more about handicapping than the big payoff. – I told him that even money isn’t bad in a small field when his horse looks the best. – After a few conversations, he agreed to try it for a week.

The first race came up and he saw a runner that was (4-5) and looked like a lock. Off he ventured to make his $2 wager. – He won and his horse romped by five going away. His $3.60 was his return for $2 bucks making an 80% profit for the win. He’s not going to buy a new yacht, but he’s having fun picking winners.

Then another race as the chalk won at $3.80, and another for $4.00.- I asked him to take his initial $2 bucks out and bet for his best bet for the card. – When he made a rounded bet of $4.00 to win, you would have thought he won the Irish sweepstakes! – His runner paid $4.80 and he had a whopping $9.60 profit from a $2 dollar initial investment. – Now, use $20 as your wager. Using the same numbers as he did doing the exact same idea. Your win would be $142 betting the obvious chalk. Not bad for enjoying a few races. You take out your initial investment after a few races and keep it rolling. Your last bet should be your best on the card and don’t go lower than (4-5) as an acceptable value.

The goal is to enjoy the races and hopefully come out a little ahead. – You can’t squabble with the game plan, and at the end of the day, you’ll start thinking about taking what you can get. – There will be bigger winning days with full fields soon. But, in the meantime take what they give you. I’m sure you’ll have an enjoyable day watching the ponies.