How You Been Doing?

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 29, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on How You Been Doing?

Everyone loves a winner. Sometimes we have days that you can do nothing wrong, and others you couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a cow. – I know, we’ve all been there both ways. I’ve been using Winning Ponies since 2008, and overall my game has stepped up big time. How you been doing?

This past week I had a small bankroll and needed to build for Belmont day. – There’s never a time too late to get on board and let the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms do the hard work of getting your bankroll in top shape. Here are a few spot plays I used from this past week.

As I said, I was coming in short-stacked and found myself having more seconds than ever; until I downloaded the E-Z Win Forms and made a couple of plays. I wrote down all of my bets to keep track of how I was doing and working at the track gave me good access to the betting window. – My buddy loves to play the races and when I told him about the E-Z Win Forms, and he wanted to see how they do and followed my bets. We were just looking to make a few bucks and hopefully carry it over to next weekend. Here’s a glimpse of our wagers:


Belterra Park



Race#5 – The top selection was #3 Omi Ten. She was (5-2) on the morning line and was dropping in class shipping in from Indiana Grand. I liked the way she looked and made my first wager of $20 to win on the top selection. She drew off and paid $3.80 to win. When it comes to winners take whatever you can get.= $38.00 bankroll.

Race #6 – The top pick caught my eye on the track and was making her 2nd start of 2021. – She was dropping in class and 1/1 at Belterra. It was time to make my plunge as time was short and I had to make the best of my plays. – $38.00 to win and she returned $7.20!- I was off to the races with the day, as my buddy and I have a bankroll of $136.80. 



I was pretty busy working this day and had time for one play. – When you find yourself too busy to do the work, why rush and start guessing? It was time to take my initial $20 wager back out and take a shot. Why not? I have nothing to lose.

Race#4 – I liked an Oaklawn shipper dropping class and coming off a 47-day layoff according to the E-Z Win Forms. – We decided to make a solid bet but empty the wallet. Well, about two minutes later I wish I would have gone all-in. My $50 win bet scored as she paid $4.80. – My bankroll for the day was $120, and for the two days, it was $236.80 after taking out my initial investment. – Not too shabby, and my buddy was loving it. I think he’ll be a new user of the E-Z Win Forms.


It was The Best of Ohio series and had five Ohio-bred races worth $500,000. – We were really busy, and this rainy day did not dampen the spirits of the packed house crowd who showed up. – I knew one bet was for sure as we both loved an Ohio-bred we had cashed many tickets on over the years. – $100 to win on Altissimo coming off a 5-month layoff. This gelding has been the sprint champ in Ohio, and always looks great on the track. When he went head-to-head and got up nearing the wire. The week was going to be a great start heading into next week for the Belmont. – Being the top selection on the E-Z Win Forms sealed the deal and made the walk to the window very short.

$100 to win – He paid $12.80 winning a Best of Ohio race! – $640 bucks is my reward for following the advice of Winning Ponies, and we’re going to make some plays this Monday on Memorial Day. – The total score for the week was $876.80; we can’t wait for Monday. Great races and a day off sounds like a super way to spend some time with friends. It’s not too late to jump on board and get in the game. The holiday holds some great races and your shot to start your week for the Belmont. – What do you have to lose? “You can’t win it unless you get in it.”

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day from Winning Ponies!