Enjoying My Time

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 15, 2022 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on Enjoying My Time

I made my way down to the race book. A place that saw my face at least 3 times a week, and with a little luck maybe five. This was after a day of calling the races and doing the morning line and tip sheets. Many would have gone home and called it a day, but for this handicapper it was enjoying the game as a fan.

I arrive at work two hours early. Talking to the riders, valets, and everyone in the jock’s room always makes my day. Then, I head up and grab scratches, color my program, and listen to light jazz as I comb through the day’s races with the eyes of a gambler. I look for spot plays that I will highlight with video and audio as they warm up on the track. Sometimes it’s a runner who looks good on the track, and sometimes it’s a horse that looks great on paper. Sharing good info with the public has always been a labor of love. I still enjoy listening to the talking heads banter about the races on the card. Something about it that makes me feel like I’m right there while I’m watching a thousand miles away.

The daily routine is the same but different. I enjoy taking the time to see the same things from a different perspective. – The older riders who still hang with the up-and-coming jockeys. The new faces who are trying their hand at working in the jocks’ room. Retired race trackers who worked at the sport long ago imparting timeless wisdom to fresh ears. Yeah, the same things from a new daily perspective. You’ll never get bored; and if you’re not careful you just may learn a thing or two.

Working in a place that makes you happy is worth a thousand nuggets of gold. You may not get rich, have a large mansion, or a big retirement. But the memories and daily happiness are definitely worth every minute spent. There have been countless days walking into the track that make me smile every time. – I’m lucky. I get to do what my heart desires.

Just a couple of hints to make any job a joyful experience. – Don’t listen to the curmudgeon who bitches about not getting what he wants. He probably had it and didn’t know it until it was gone. Steer clear of the folks who do it for the personal glory of being able to tell you what they’ve done. These folks can quietly drain the enjoyment right out of your time. Stay away from name-dropping goofs who quietly like to toot their own horn and use it for personal gain. They will have more impact on your attitude than you’d ever expect.

Do spend a little time daily getting to know the people around you. Listen more than you talk. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and those times you need to pull up a chair and just listen to a fellow traveler. – Buy someone lunch, share a story, laugh at yourself. These are some of the wonderful things I have learned while working in racing. – We hear more bad than good these days and tend to allow the negative flow to influence our daily thoughts. – There is plenty of good as the sport of racing is chock-full of great stories and timeless moments. – If you are not happy with the way things are going now; just wait. It will change, and the future is bright ahead.

I was reading a local ad for a track having an open job-fair for careers in racing. – Take the time to stop by and see what’s being offered. I guarantee you won’t regret it, and if you’re not careful you could have a life well-spent cherishing every moment. – If you know a young person who may be interested, send them my way. I’ll put them in touch with someone who can help. – Just this past week a young man was sent my way and I hooked him up with some incredible people who may give him a new life’s passion. I wish him the best of luck.

Take the time to look with fresh eyes. The same picture will look different every time you see it. – Go ahead and give it a try. I bet you’ll love it…