The Right Tools Make All the Difference

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 16, 2022 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on The Right Tools Make All the Difference

Some players like action. Others want to turn a profit. But the real gamblers like to use good information to keep them ahead of the curve and make consistent money. So, which group do you find yourself?


Forget the sheets, data, or information that tells you exactly who to bet and how much. These are created for the players who want the magic potion and key to the vault. – Dismiss these immediately. I have a good friend who once used these, and they had wrong horses running and even a few races missing. Garbage.

Stear clear of sites that you pay by the month and receive “Eddie Mush” plays of the day. – Most are shooting from the hip and once they have your money only want to retain you for the following month.

Stay away from big monthly subscriptions that use algorithms that will give you a headache. I have plenty of contest friends who like the subscription route, and they swear by it. Fine and dandy. But I’m not going to pay an arm and a leg for something to tell me which races yield a better chance at a profit. This may have a slight edge in contest play where you look for double digit swings for the fence. Playing for money on a daily basis is a whole different game.

Now that you have the bad news. Here are some items you’ll want to keep in your handicapping toolbox for real gambling profits:

Look for information that identifies key facts. Not wild guesses in the dark but offer up concrete evidence of what to look for.

Using the data should not take an upper-level college degree to understand. Strong information should be able to be used right off the bat. They do the hard work, and you have a tool to make your day a winner by identifying key factors. The reliable creators of betting information want you to feel comfortable from the first day of use. Once again, they do the hard work which allows you to spend more time deciding who you’re going to bet and what type of wagers fit your budget.


Look for information that allows you to exclude certain runners. Not all systems have a formula that allows you to pass by runners who don’t fit into the game plan. This is saving you time which can be better spent deciding on how you’re going to make your wagers instead of wheedling between which horse can be eliminated. Saving you time better allows you to focus on betting instead of who doesn’t fit. 

Focus on plans that charge you for the info used instead of a blanket cost. – The information for playing two races shouldn’t cost the same as playing a ten-race card. 

I have been playing horses for thirty-five years. There are only a handful of data providers that are worth the investment. – I’m looking to better use my time deciding on how I’m going to put the information into play. When it all comes down to finding a one-stop-shop for your gambling needs. It all comes down to the group I have been following, working with, and using their information since 2008.


The best part if you’re reading this you’re already here. Just dial it up and give it a try. – Then when you start seeing your game move to the next level, drop us a line in the testimonial section. We love to hear how you’ve been doing and the big scores you’re taking down.


Best of luck my friends! – See you in the winner’s circle!