Handicapper’s Curse

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 16, 2022 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on Handicapper’s Curse

As the winds of autumn swirl and blow, you’ll hear that hollow growl below. The numbers jumble and make no sense, as you’re almost down to your last pence. You’ll search and look but not to find, that golden ticket that will be kind. – So, keep to task and don’t delay, you’ve almost found your winning day. 

How many times have you done your homework and came up empty? Me too. – Or how many times have you stumbled from blind luck onto a big payout? Yep, that too. – Handicappers for eons have searched to find the perfect recipe for finding the winner and reaping the reward at the windows.

As we’re in the throes of the spooky season, a haunting story comes to mind. – A handicapper who can pick like magic. He studies and finds while his compadres watch and wonder. He can make that 10-1 shot look like 1-9, and his picks are something of pure gold. There is only one thing that can undo his wizard’s way. – When he makes a $2 bet on his own selections.

It seems unstoppable until he pulls out a couple bucks and all goes to hell. – A clocker by trade who enjoys talking horses with me. We’ll yack for hours about the ones he clocked and tracks far away. The love of racing courses through our veins and the conversation is never boring. That is a gambler’s friendship.

His stories of how he goes to the races and studied the night prior unearthing hidden gems. They pop up like hidden coins from the sand, and he knows his picks are solid. – There’s a disconnect between picking the horses and making bets. – I told him I’ve seen this curse many times before. Great handicappers who never win, and winners who don’t have an idea about handicapping. – If you really enjoy the sport you want to possess both. It’s a validating feeling of knowing you’re on the right path and being rewarded for your knowledge.

When he looked at me and asked; “what am I doing wrong. I know my picks are solid from many decades of handicapping with great teachers.” – The answer came to me from many years of playing the races. – It’s the money that gets in the way. You may be playing with scared money you can’t afford to lose, or the thought of loading up gives you second thoughts. – He shook his head slowly.

So, the golden answer is how does he beat the demons that keep him from cashing? – I told him to make no more than two small bets for his day at the races. – If you like them to win, bet them to place. If it’s a 20-1 shot who glimmers like gold, just make a small wager for fun. No big losses coming your way and you get to enjoy a little action while watching the sport you love. – All that I asked was to tell me how he did after a trip to the races.

A week later he came into my office. – “I cashed two small tickets that should have been a big winning day, my friend. – Yeah, but you won a few bucks and enjoyed what you love. No big investments and no huge losses. No harm, no foul.” – Then I gave him another homework assignment. Go to the races and just watch and keep track of your selections. Take copious notes of how much you would bet, and how you did for the day. Tell the truth as we can get down to what is holding you back.

He is now picking up steam and still sends me his daily picks. Today it will be for Keeneland, and I’ll be rooting for my friend. – He said, “You root for me as much as I do. – My friend, never gamble or talk betting with someone who is not happy to see you win.” 

Those may be the secret words of wisdom that will break his curse. If not, it is a start in the right direction for sure. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies, and get hot and stay hot, my friend!