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What a Beautiful Day For the Races

Step on a crack break your mother’s back. Pick up a penny if it’s heads up. Don’t open an umbrella in the house. Friday the 13th. Don’t walk under an open ladder. Black cats, peacocks, and breaking a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck. I guess we’ve all heard these at one time […]

Groundhog Day

Gamblers can be superstitious. They need their lucky shirt, or that 60-year-old buckeye they carry in their pocket. I have watched players from all walks listen to TV talking heads about the upcoming race, and tip sheets have been printed as long as paper has been around. Yep, we always look for the edge. Here […]

Black Cats

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 29, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

Just like on Halloween, they creep around corners, and jump out on you just when you’re not looking. They have them at the track, and every person that has been to the races at least a dozen times has one. You know, the clerk that gave you the wrong ticket, that drunk at the bar […]