Tale Of Two Handicappers

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 10, 2009 in Free Picks and Tips, General Discussion | No Comments >>

I dropped by the track to get my bets on. I had my young son with me, and I make it a habit not to spend my day rooting at the windows. It was at that time, that I thought I would have to break up two old fellas in their 70’s.

My boxing ref outfit was at the cleaners, and I was listening to this conversation escalate. My son got a kick out of it, and if this went down, he would want to go to the track every day…..

These two old salts were arguing about who the TVG analysts liked. They backed up their opinions with multiple “F” bombs, and this was going nowhere. It was at this time, I wanted to break up the donnybrook.

I told them, “Hell, I do that at a track and it is just our opinion.” They quieted down, and began to listen as they recognized me from River Downs. It was then, I thought, they would attack me. But, I shared my WinningPonies info to give them another view.

It was Race #7 at Keeneland. I showed them the top tier runner which was Forever Together. They initially balked, but I told them to use it with the star power from the TV. After all was said and done, they both fired up this runner. They began to lose faith at about the 1/8th pole, but at the wire they were asking me about the next race and what my info had to say…. Needless to say, they enjoyed the selection….

They begged for the next race, and I had to go… I left them with them a top tier runner in Race #8. It was Noble’s Promise with Willie Martinez. They both remember him from days gone by at Turfway, and as I was watching the race from a distance, I saw two old friends “high five.”  I was summoned across the room, and they wanted the website. They both dig up the DRF daily, and now they will be new shooters.

I was glad for the day. I made a few bucks, and saved a friendship with solid info… It was a big day at the track. They liked what they saw, and I even left them the two past races to peruse further as I left. I think they will check it out.. Funny how a couple of winners will do that, and it came at the best of times….