Building Your Bankroll/Free Winning Ponies Selections/Sunday

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 4, 2015 in Blogroll, Free Picks and Tips, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | 4 Comments >>

For a few weeks now, I’ve been working on a little gift for the small time player. We find ourselves playing with a smaller pocket of cash after the holiday madness has subsided. With minimal cash to play, and the assistance of the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms, I think we have a late stocking stuffer for you!

Week one had me thinking about making money with a small investment. Sounds too good to be true, huh? – Well, maybe not if read the fine print. Do you think you can find a runner that pays $3 per day? There are a bevy of tracks to choose from, and Winning Ponies took down nearly $11 million in exotic payouts in 2014. Add all of the ingredients into the shaker. Your favorite track with E-Z Win Form selections, a small investment, and the desire to utilize to make yourself a nice bankroll in one month. Think about it. If you can find that $3 payoff win, place or show. You’ll have more money in your pocket than you thought. Here is my week one study. I wagered $20 place on the top tier selection from one of my target tracks. If the wager won, I carried the entire amount to the next day to make another place wager.

Weds 12/17 – Gulfstream Park – Race #6 – Top Tier Selection – Sweet Rocket Man

$20 to place, and he paid $3.oo exactly = $30.00

Thursday 12/18 – Fair Grounds – Race #7 – Top Tier Selection – Next Event

$30 to place, and he paid $5.80 = 87.00

Friday 12/19 – Tampa Bay Downs – Race #3 – Top Tier Selection – Pyrite Green

$87.00 to place, and it paid $4.40 = $191.40

Saturday 12/20 – Fair Grounds – Race #5 – Top Tier Selection – Shellar

$191 to place, and he scored to pay $5.00 = $477.50

Sunday 12/21 – Tampa Bay Downs – Race #8 – Top Tier Selection – Singing Monarch

$477 to place, and he came home to pay $4.60 = $1,097.10

This was for five days, and I played only the tracks I follow. I looked over every top tier selection from the E-Z Win Forms and decided on my play. My initial investment was $20, and my target was only a payoff of $3. But, with a little help from the Racing Gods. My week turned over a $1,077 profit give or take the change. This got me to thinking. If I had made my goal of ONE $3 payoff per day, it would have yielded me $151 and change for a profit of $131. Either way was a solid week, but I’ll take the original wager payout !

You start with $20, and make one play per day. Use your favorite tracks to follow, and select the top tier runner from the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. If you cash for the day, the entire amount carries over into your next wager. Just to get you started, I have selected a few top tier selections at various tracks I follow. Remember, you only need to find a $3 payoff, but if it pays more. Who is gonna complain about more money? Best of luck, and have a great 2015!



Race #6 – #2 – In Kelly’s Defense

Race #9 – #1 – Stickler


Gulfstream Park

Race #6 – #4 – St. Borealis


Tampa Bay Downs

Race #9 – #5 – Market Appeal