The Biggest Show in Racing

The foliage show begins in some parts of the country, hot summer winds trade places with a cool crisp breeze that means only one thing for horse racing fans. Breeders’ Cup has arrived. Since 1984, the world’s finest thoroughbreds have competed in the Breeders’ Cup World Championships for a place in history. But only the best of the best have found one. From triumphant comebacks to incredible photo finishes, each Breeders’ Cup race has produced a champion that has captured our imaginations, and earned our eternal respect. Here is your invitation to enjoy the finest of what our sport has to offer. The racing year has had up’s and down’s, but it wouldn’t be the biggest stage if it were easy to get there. One thing is for certain, the best-of-the-best will be there, and Winning Ponies will be locked and loaded.

When / Where

The 30th edition of the Breeders’ Cup World Championship will take place in Arcadia, California at Santa Anita. There will be a total of 13 races with purses totally over $26 million dollars. It begins on Friday, October 31, and November 1, 2014.

Up for grabs

If you are a punter that loves to make a wager on a swelled guaranteed pool, this is your day. According to the Breeders’ Cup menu of wagers, here is what awaits:

Guaranteed Pools


Pick 5: $500,000 (races 1-5)

Pick 6: $750,000 (races 4-9)

Pick 4: $1,500,000 (races 6-9)


Pick 5: $750,000 (races 1-5)

Pick 4 $1,500,000 (races 4-7)

Pick 6: $2,500,000 (races 7-12)

Pick 4: $3,000,000 (races 9-12)


There will be a maximum of 14 horses per race, and exotic wagers will offer a 50-cent minimum bet value. There will be a special 14% takeout for the guaranteed pick-five wager. Some of the biggest pari-mutuel payoffs of the year take place over the course of these two days, and the best-of-the-best do battle to serve up a handicapper’s dream. The post position draw takes place Monday, October 27,2014 3:30 pm ET, /12:30 pm PT.


Now you have an idea of what awaits, and the only question is how will you prepare. This is where Winning Ponies has your back. You’ll need a data provider who brings you a comprehensive view of not only how the field shapes up, but a better concept of the outcome. Handicapping can be hard enough, but add in the task of deciding how you’ll apply your bankroll, and you have one tall task ahead of the weekend. Winning Ponies has over $9,346,857 in exotic payoffs. This should whet your appetite, and you’ll need to come prepared before you “reach in your jeans and pull out your greens.”

Winning Ponies will only send out the E-Z Win Forms have taken everything into account. I know, it is a big order to take everything into consideration. This is where you need to have faith in your data provider. Once the E-Z Win Forms are on-line for you to peruse, rest assured you’re not on your own. Some data is put out 72 hours in advance, and changes in the weather can be just a streak of bad luck. – But not at Winning Ponies. There is the “change of weather tab” which allows you to receive a brand new set of E-Z Forms if Mother Nature throws you a knuckle ball. Oh, and the best part… No charge… It is your day, and your opportunity.

People dislike traffic, waiting in the checkout line, and waiting for the mail. We can’t do much about the above mentioned, but Winning Ponies brings you everything in “real time.” Yep, right now, right away, and all in place to allow you to make more informed decisions. Your results, changes, updates, track conditions, and scratches as soon as they are announced.

I have seen about every data provider known to man. Not because I am a know-it-all, but I wanted to inquire about which service fits my needs. All are different, and all unique. Winning Ponies strives to bring you the best data in racing by taking away the long hours compiling the data and then deciding how we are going to use it. These tasks are prepared for you, and now your time can be better spent deciding how you’ll utilize the data to maximize your winning percentage. We’ll take care of the homework, and you can have more time to study for the test. This gives you more time to focus and enjoy your weekend.

Breeders’ Cup is a weekend event that brings handicappers joy, and a tear to the eye. We have watched as the races unfurled along the year, and they all culminate on the biggest stage in racing. Winning Ponies will offer you blogs, free selections, handicapping advice, and the Winning Ponies Internet Radio Show to bring you up-to-the-second racing information. We have come a long way, and Friday will be here soon enough. So, what are you waiting for? It’s almost post time!